February 9

20 Things that will make you happier and more fulfilled, if you’re an Entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur, you probably know that It’s important to have at least 1, preferably more than one mentors who can help make your journey more focused and streamlined.  I found and appreciate Scott Olford who has provided me with many helpful insights in my own entrepreneurial journey.  Recently, I got this message from him and I thought it was too good to keep to myself.  Sharing it seemed like the most obvious thing to do so, here it is.  Enjoy. 

20 Things that will make you happier and more fulfilled, if you’re an Entrepreneur

  1. Spend less time trying to grow faster and spend more time, getting what you really want even if you are an entrepreneur. 

  1. Everything is Energy--- business, relationships, EVERYTHING. 

  1. Write 1,000 words or record a 10-minute video, every single day. 

  1. Make all your business choices once a week and ensure you have a 2nd person that knows what you really want present. 

  1. Think about the future and what you really want, it will allow you to become motivated. 

  1. Give 3x more than you receive-- you have limitless potential to give and receive. 

  1. Let go and surrender, if you desire something you are also resisting that thing. 

  1. Check your email less often, I'm down to checking twice a week. 

  1. Spend more time completely disconnected from your phone, try turning off your phone all day besides for once. 

  1. Spend less time desiring what's next and more time enjoying where you are, no matter where it is.do it just for fun, if you don't want to release it 

  1. Unfollow, everyone besides who you REALLY want to follow, ensure it's no more than 10 people, understand energy and you can become rich in anything,  

  1. Allow yourself to have things in your life that can never be turned into a business. 

  1. Delete all social apps and email off your phone. 

  1. Do something you can't monetize, once a week, minimum. 

  1. Eat organic food, drink great water and reduce your exposure to electronics. 

  1. Spend more time listening to your belly and less time thinking logically about what "makes sense". 

  1. Spend 5 minutes, sending 5 gratifications to 5 people, each and every day. 

  1. Dive deeper and let yourself be fully seen by 3 more people this year that can become amazing friends. 

  1. Spend more time with those that you love and find out how to be more present with them-- never use a phone while near them. 

  1. Learn to love all things unconditionally, at all times, including yourself. 


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