Hi I'm Michael,

I'm a husband and father of 4, an online marketing entrepreneur and ex-software developer.

I’m here to help fellow entrepreneurs become more productive and profitable.

I believe personal growth and business growth go hand-in-hand and I'm committed to sharing the knowledge and experience I've gained in the online marketing space to help others grow faster.

My Story:

In 2009, my wife and I started building affiliate sales websites part-time. We had no idea what we were doing. She would find product offers and I would build web pages to display those offers. After many months, we started making several hundred dollars (even $1000+) per month.

…but it was not to be. In September that year, I lost my J.O.B. due to the financial crisis. In October, my mother had a severe stroke and in November, we decided to move across 2 states with to care for her. This took months to execute. Everything we had done to build our part-time income came to a screeching halt.. the extra income disappeared “Poof”.

With two babies, the failing health of my parents, our new home, bills to pay… to stay afloat, I got a new J.O.B.

It wasn't until years later (the end of 2017) before I saw a YouTube ad… about digital marketing?

Man! On the face of it, it looked too good to be true. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I did a lot of research an came to a decision.

If you could see the look on my wife’s face the day I told her I was trading my 6 figure income to launch a new business. Fast forward thirteen months… I’d invested time, over $25,000 and earned a paltry $103. (OUCH!)

Later that month, I attended a Dr. John DeMartini event. He helped me rewire my mindset-business and personal. His core message changed my life. I got crystal clear and more determined than ever to make my business work.

It was clear I needed help. I searched for a mentor. Call it fortune or blessing, I found a business mentor who showed me what I was missing and what I could do better.

My confidence surged. I committed myself to listen and apply what he told me. I put my attention on learning new things and doing them a certain way. Dollars alone can’t measure the reward. I found clarity, love and obsession with my online business.

That was 3 years ago. It hasn't been easy making a career change. I've learned a lot from my mistakes, purchased courses and apps, tried several business models and mentors.

The biggest lesson I've learned is...

“Find a mentor or mentorship program to Fast Track your Success! Make your Vocation your Vacation! Take Massive Action! Pay it forward!”

I would love to hear from you

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