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Increase Engagement on Facebook with these 8 tips


Do you consistently advertise on Facebook to gain engagements? Did you know that you can naturally increase engagement on Facebook? Yes, you’ve read it right! 


Today I’ll teach you how to get more eyeballs on your business without spending any cent on a Facebook advertising campaign! 

Facebook social media engagement

1) Post Consistently to Improve Engagement on Facebook

The key to getting more social media engagements on Facebook is to post consistently.  Posting regularly and consistently is non-negotiable.  If you don’t post regularly, your organic reach will die down.  The more you post, the better! 


You can use Social Media Marketing Scheduling tools where you can customize and schedule all your posts for the day or for the whole month.  This allows you to save time. 


Some top Social Media Marketing Scheduling tools that you can check are Social Report, Sprout Social, CoScheduleFeedlyAirtablkeTweetdeckPlanable, Sked Social, Hootsuite, and Post planner.  And there are many more platform specific scheduling tools. 

post consistently to increase your social media engagement

2) Increase Facebook Engagement by Leveraging your Personal Profile

As a business owner in 2020, you really must have 2 kinds of social media accounts.   


A personal profile so you can interact with your friends and family and a business profile that is going to represent your business or brand.  Remember that it’s important to have your own business profile.  However, leveraging your own personal profile is equally important.  Why? Because you can use your personal profile to get more exposure to your business.   


You use your personal profile to interact with your friends and family.  You can share the post published on your business profile to your personal profile.  This is a good strategy so that your business profile post will generate interaction and increase reach especially when your friends and family leave a comment or share your post.  When this happens, your posts will appear on the top of the news feed. 


You’ve surely seen it before.  If you've ever been on Facebook, where John Smith commented on Sally's post it gets exposure and would even appear on the news feed of John’s friends even if they are not friends with Sally. 


It’s all because you've simply shared from your business page to your personal profile.  Thus, intermingling your personal profile and business profile can be a healthy combination to get more engagement without even spending a single cent. 

Engage first to increase social media engagement

3) Engage First

Engaging is one of the major hacks to get more social media engagements on Facebook!  Be an active user, don’t be a passive social media user.   

An active user is one who engages on Facebook by leaving a comment, liking a post, or sharing the post.  A passive social media user is one who just scrolls the news feed without leaving any comments or likes. 


So here’s the trick, engage first before posting anything on your wall.  What I do is I leave comments and interact with my friends and followers for 10 to 15 minutes before posting something. 


If you start interacting and engaging with their content before you post your offer, Facebook’s algorithm will show your post to their news feed. 


Facebook’s algorithm works like this: Person A and Person B previously communicated.  Let us show Person A’s latest post to Person B since they previously had communicated. 


So, by engaging first before posting something on Facebook, you're literally hacking your way to getting in front of people that you choose by engaging.  You can start boosting your engagements by doing this very doable hack! 

This is just one way to increase engagement on Facebook.

4) Comment and Interact with your Business Account 

Commenting and interacting boosts your increase engagement on Facebook.


So, how do you do this? Allocate one hour of your time every day and use your business social media profile to leave thoughtful comments to industry influencers, or other people’s page who sell similar products. 


You want to interact with your business because if you can get in front of those people and draw them back to you if they see you, leaving thoughtful comments well.  Then, it's going to go in front of their network and then other people are going to be drawn in. 

Follow other to social media engagement

5) Follow the Followers

If You’re basically new and you don’t have enough followers, this trick will help you gain an audience. 


All you need to do is identify the industry leaders in your niche.  After identifying the industry leaders, look at the people engaging with their page and follow them. 


There is a huge possibility that their followers that you’ve just followed will check your profile and follow you as well. 


Before you do this trick, be sure that your social media profile is fully optimized. 

communicate and interact with your followers to social media engagement

6) Communicate and Interact with People

You’re on social media to generate engagements.  Whatever you post on your social media account gives an opportunity for people to interact with you. 


Your posts must be engaging.  Never post open-ended questions because this will not result to the increase engagement on Facebook. 


Create an opportunity for your fans and followers to interact with you.  Encourage them to leave comments and to talk to you. 

7) Comment Bumps

Our posts on our Social Media Accounts have a lifespan.  This lifespan is really short due to the influx of content coming to our newsfeed every single day. 


You need to leverage this to help you get more engagements. 


When you publish a very engaging post chances are it will gain likes and comments the minute you post this.  If you want to increase the lifespan of your post and increase your organic reach, you shouldn’t respond immediately.  This is called comment bump. 


You have to wait for 20 minutes before you respond to a comment so that you’ll be on top of the newsfeed for a longer period of time rather than responding immediately. 

Sometimes, you need to wait for the right moment before you reply in order to get more attention and increase engagement on Facebook.

8) Leverage on Facebook Groups

Sharing your post on Facebook groups will help you gain engagements and increase your organic reach tremendously. 


However, before posting anything on the Facebook group be sure that you have read the rules so you won’t break any rules. 


This is very ideal if you’re going to be sharing your business content in Facebook groups that are not yours.  It's going to be seen by more people and if the people in your group interact with the content you posted it will go to their network. 


Those are the 8 ways on how you can hack your way to gain more engagements on Facebook.  So imagine if you’ll just follow two or three of these simple hacks, you’ll surely not be spending any penny for a Facebook ad campaign. 


Those are the 8 ways on how you can hack your way to gain more engagements social media especially on Facebook.  So imagine if you’ll just follow two or three of these simple hacks, you’ll surely not be spending any penny for a Facebook ad campaign. 

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