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Identifying the Perfect Customer for Your Business


Discover how to detect the perfect customer and how they affect your business. Are you starting up your own business? Are you just like other business owners who are concerned about how to get customers? Have you spent or do you plan on spending hundreds of dollars to advertise your business and boost your marketing campaign? 


What if I tell you that finding customers is not the problem? Customers can be found anywhere.  The main problem is finding the right or perfect customer. 


Finding the right customer can help your business succeed.  Once you are able to determine who your perfect customer is, then this is the only time when you should worry about your advertising campaign. 


This article will help you identify the right customer for your business.  I’m going to give you a step-by-step process that will give you a kick-start. 

The wrong customer vs the perfect customer

Let’s start by talking about the “wrong” customer.  A lot of business owners are scrambling around social media sites begging their colleagues, family, and friends to like or comment on the business page so that they can get sales and earn money.  Marketing your business can be difficult especially when you don’t know who your target market is. 


This is the reason why it’s crucial to know who you want to do business with and why a lot of people are suffering when they are trying to attract everyone”.  Hundreds or even thousands of dollars are lost due to failed advertising campaigns that don’t generate any positive income for the company. 

Where to start?

It can be very overwhelming when you don’t know where to start and when you don’t even know to whom you should be talking too or what to say. 


#1 Identify your perfect customer avatar 

Begin by creating a customer avatar.  A customer is someone who purchases goods or services while an avatar in the online world, is a user’s alter ego. 


When you join these two words together, a customer avatar is a fictitious representation of someone who is doing business with you, and to make them ideal, we look at them by creating an identity for them. 


It’s vital to create a customer avatar for your business to better understand your customers. 

#2 Ask simple questions to identify your perfect customer

As I said earlier, it’s important to create a customer avatar so you can have a perfect customer and the best way to create a realistic one is to research it.  All you’ve to do is ask the right questions and answer them as specific as possible.  The questions that you may ask are the following: 

  • What is your customer’s problem? 
  • What motivates your customers? 
  • What’s the age? 
  • Is the customer a female or a male? 
  • What is the annual income of your customers? 

By knowing the answers to this question, and by deeply knowing your customers, you create an added value that will help you address what your customer really wants.  Knowledge regarding what they want is an added value to you since you can use this as part of your marketing plan. 


Remember that business is about adding value, and the best way to do this is to solve the problems of your customers.  Thus, asking the right questions and knowing them, will surely make your business succeed. 


So, the more you know about your customers' problems the better equipped you are to help them.   

#3 Limit the Customer Avatar 

Never create too much in customer avatar.  Creating too much in a customer avatar is as dangerous as having none.  You can start by creating at least one customer avatar to guide you with your market.  The more avatars you make, the more complicated it gets.  Having plenty of avatars may cause confusing message. 

#4 Direction 

If you don’t have any customer avatar or you didn’t conduct any research chances are you’ll be lost.   


Having a customer avatar provides you content direction.  You’ll know who you are talking to and what to say.  It’s really easier when you can imagine a conversation with someone. 


Imagine that there are thousands of people on the Internet, and when you don’t have a customer avatar you’ll feel lost and you’ll be talking to the wrong customers. 


When you’ve a customer avatar, you’ll be able to narrow down the customers and you’ll be able to target the perfect customers that you’ve envisioned. 

#5 Advertising 

Remember that the advertising efforts must be prioritized the least. 

You can push through with your advertising campaign only when you’ve finalized your customer avatar. 


Again and again, I want to emphasize that paid advertising must come last on the list.  You have to have proof of concept and identify your target audience and confirmed sales. 

#6 Self Worth 

Having a customer avatar can give you self worth.  I have observed that entrepreneurs who were not able to identify their target market have low self-worth. 


When someone has not identified their ideal customer avatar they're consistently asking friends and relatives for approval.   


When someone who knows her audience is confident they know the problems they know how to solve them that it needs to seek reassurance on social media.  They know what they're doing, they know how to do it.   


Knowing your customer avatar builds confidence.  This confidence often attracts the very people that you are looking for. 

#7 Use Social Media 

Use technology to your advantage.  You can generate the right questions and customer avatar by researching.  You can visit the social media sites of your competitors and know what are their names, their age, gender, where they work and how much they earn.  With this, you’ll be able to narrow down the demographics. 

The better you know your audience the more you’ll be able to connect with them.  So start researching and build up your customer avatar. 

The faster you’re able to come up with your customer avatar, the closer success is and it’s just within your reach. 

When you’ve conducted your research, established a customer avatar and when you’ve answered all of the questions you’ve listed then you know that your business has a potential and you’ll succeed. 



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