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How to create an effective YouTube script


Do you want to learn how to create a YouTube script that will surely increase your subscribers? 

I have been using a strategy that doubled, tripled and quadrupled my YouTube channel views, watch time, subscribers, and my Google Ad Sense revenue income. 

Do you want to experience the same for your YouTube channel? If yes, then you are on the right track!  

Today is your lucky day because I will share to you an effective strategy on how to double and even quadruple your view, watch time, subscribers, and my Google Ad Sense revenue income. 

So why will I share the strategy to you? It’s because in the past, I may be where you are right now. I was camera shy, I stuttered a lot; I kept on repeating my stories and shared unnecessary information to my audience. I was talking without any direction. 

As I watched my first videos, I felt ashamed and squirmed with embarrassment. It took me two to three minutes to get to the point. My previous videos were so bad that I wanted to delete them. 

Today I will teach you “how to create an effective YouTube script”.  

An effective script has four parts: a banging introduction, body of the video, the calls-to-action, and the closing. 

#1 Make a Banging Introduction 

The introduction can make or break the video. Thus, you need to hook the viewer to keep on watching. 

Remember that the first 30 seconds is crucial since this is the time where the visitor will decide whether they will continue to watch your video.  

Time is limited and precious so you should do your best to captivate their attention. 

Here are the three steps that you can use to have a banging introduction: 

  1. Tell your viewers what they will learn from the video 

This is the main subject matter of the video. You must set things straight so that your viewers will be properly guided as to the content of the video. 


“Hello! Welcome to my channel. Today I will teach you on how to create and effective video script.” 

  1. Capture their interest  

A way to captivate the audience is to promise something in return. You may also state positive facts that will entice your viewers to watch more. 


“This video script strategy has helped me double my views in just two days. If you listen carefully and follow the same strategy that I will share to you, you might as well double or even triple your subscribers.” 

  1. Relatable feeling or information 

An effective video is one wherein your viewers can relate. Give context behind your video and empathize to their story. 


“I am sharing this to you because in the past, I may be where you are right now. I only had less than 100 subscribers and was not gaining at all.” 

So, the reason why the hook is so important is because not only does it get your visitors, and your potential subscribers to stay with it but it also builds your credibility.  

I’ll give you another example of a banging introduction: 

Hello everyone. I will teach you how to organically increase your Facebook reach. In the past I only had 200 followers in Facebook and can only reach 1000 people, but after following these four strategies I was able to triple my Facebook followers in two days.” 

Remember to tell your viewers what to expect, entice them, and do not forget to relate to what they are experiencing. Follow these three simple steps and you will surely have a banging introduction. 

#2 Body of the video

The body of the video is considered as the meatiest part of the video.  

Make sure you have a clear direction on where your video is going since this part will give your video its soul. 

This is where you’re going to teach your audience step by step, tip number one, tip number two, and give your audience a clear picture on how to do something or maybe you’re explaining the secrets of, or whatever your video is about.  

Here are a few simple steps to have an effective body of the video: 

  1. Use pointers 

Be sure not to lose people as you elaborate your topic. Use number or pointers as you go along. Do not be hesitant to use numbers.  

For example, a lot of times when I say in my videos, tip number one, I will have a graphic pop-up that says tip number one. With this, people don’t get lost and they become more interested with your topic. 

  1. Organize your thoughts 

The best way to organize your thought is to write your script in a piece of paper or you may type it in your computer. 

Before recording, be sure to write your script. It can either be in sentence form or in bullet points.  

As per experience, having better scripts and higher quality videos have helped tremendously in my growth spurt on my YouTube channel.  

#3 Call-to-action

The call-to-action is the third component of an effective YouTube video script. 

There are different types of call-to-action that you can use in your YouTube channel. All of it can yield positive results to your subscription, number of viewers and lead. 

Here are the three different types of call-to-action that can be placed in your YouTube channel: 

  1. Ask people to subscribe 

You may place this in the middle of your video or at the end.  


“Hey guys, so if you’re enjoying this video, what are you waiting for, join the family, subscribe to the channel and hit the notifications bell.” 

  1. Lead Magnet 

Your YouTube channel is a great venue for leads.  


“Hey guys, if you haven’t already checked out my new e-book on how to start a YouTube Channel, check it out in the description, and download it today” 

  1. Watch the next video 

Grab the opportunity so that your viewers will watch another video that might spike their interest. This is commonly placed at the end of the video. 


“If you want to learn more about how to optimize your YouTube channel, feel free to watch the next video.” 

#4 Closing 

It may seem unimportant, but the closing or the last part of your video is vital. 

The closing must set a clear picture of your call-to-action for your viewers. Make sure that there is a clear direction for your viewers of what they should do next. 

The point here is that you want to increase the watch time and keep the people on your channel. Thus, it is vital to prepare a template for your closing. 


“Hey if you enjoyed this video, another video similar and that you might like is this one right here, where I teach you how to get your first 10,000 followers on Facebook. 

Remember to use hand gestures to single out a video you want them to watch and have two videos on your end so people can choose which video to watch. 

Click-through rate 

The closing is really important for increasing the click-through rate (CTR) on your end screens. Yes, there’s the CTR for your end screens, and also a CTR for people that click and watch your thumbnails. 

So, this will help boost your CTR at the end of your videos tremendously. Also. It is the best way to create a ‘Binge Worthy Content’ where people can keep watching your content over and over every single day. 

I hope these strategies that worked for me will also quadruple your YouTube channel views, watch time, subscribers, and my Google Ad Sense revenue income. 

If you want to learn more on how you can optimize your YouTube channel, please feel free to read my blog posts.  


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