February 2

6 Ways to Discover Your Unfair Advantage


You and me, both have unfair advantages.

As an entrepreneur you already know that you have competition.  Others suggest that you must know your competition in order to succeed but I disagree with that. 

Based from my experience, what matters most is not your competition.   In order to succeed, you must discover your own unfair advantage and use these unfair advantages as your super power to succeed in the business. 

We all have an unfair advantage and this is one of our biggest abilities to serve our marketplace and forget about the competition. 

When you focus on your own business and examine your unfair advantages, you can amplify them to make things better.   

So, here are the 6 ways on how to discover your strength through your unfair advantage: 



First, we all have different experiences.  When you recall the things that happened to you, especially the good and the bad ones, all these experiences are unique to you.  There’s definitely nobody else on this planet that has the same experience. 

Write down a list down your top experiences either top or worst. 

When I first entered the digital marketing business, I constantly read headlines that touted systems… “No tech experience necessary”.  And while this is true, I came from the software industry.  So, I thought it better not to talk about my “tech” experience.  I didn’t want anybody to feel intimidated.  But it was this experience that I came to realize was my unfair advantage.  I could help others learn and understand how to “use” technology, without having to become and expert at tech. 



Second, everyone of us have different skills.  It is just up to us on how we will utilize this.  Take note on your skill that is special to you.  When I say special, it is a skill that only few people possess. 


As for me, my special skill is my ability to market and sell things using automation and artificial intelligence.  I use this special skill to my advantage.  I hone this every single day to be able to surpass my record. 


Now, if you write a list of two or three of your special skills you are crystal clear and can immediately apply them to your unfair advantage. 


If you fail to identify your skills or if you do not have a skill that only few people can do, it is time for you to develop that skill.   


Remember that skills are not innate, they are learned over time. 



Third, all of us are born with specific talents.  These talents are things or activities that we are naturally good at without spending any time learning it.   


Your talent may be in a form of singing, dancing, being able to look at the big picture, you are talented in finding solutions and so on. 


So, list down your talents.  Remember that you may discover some of your talents later in your life. 



Fourth, knowledge is a product of hard work.  Being knowledgeable on a particular thing is not innate or doesn’t come naturally.   


As for me, my knowledge of online marketing required me to research study for hundreds of hours, communicating with mentors, and watching a lot of videos. 


You can use your knowledge on a particular thing as your unfair advantage.  This means that the topic that you are very knowledgeable about is your unfair advantage. 


Write down 2 or 3 of the things that you are super knowledgeable about that most people are not.   



Fifth, unlike your talent, your character is developed and tested every single day.  The choices that you make every single day dictate your character. 


Your character is also developed by the people that surround you and the environment you are in. 


Your character is what allows someone to be attracted to you, or be repelled by you inside of business.  It's very important that we are able to polarize and magnetize people that are relevant towards our actual character. 


So, jot down 2 or 3 specific things about your character that are an unfair advantage.



The last, but definitely not the least is the connections you make. 


If you want to succeed with your business, you have to have good connection with your mentor and other people that are influential in your niche.  You need to build strong relationship with the people that trust you and the people you trust. 


Connections will basically open up door of opportunity for you and your business. 


So go ahead and write down 2 or 4 connections that are very important to you and where you're going in the next 5 years. 


You have the 6 core components of an unfair advantage that are exclusively yours.  Everything from the skills, connections, knowledge that you have this unfair advantage can now be packaged inside of your business because this is the DNA. 


This is the DNA of who you are as an entrepreneur.  This is something that nobody else can replicate and even if someone has the same knowledge or the same skill.  We don't have the same character, the same connections.   


So, this creates an overall component inside of your life where it's not about competing.  It about knowing your unfair advantage and being able to realize that there is an abundant amount of resourcein our world and for you. 


You have this unfair advantage that can now be magnified an amplified through your business so that you can deliver the value and serve the people that mean the most to you. 


Recap: This is the DNA of who you are as an entrepreneur. 


  1. Write down a list down your top experiences either top or worst 

  1. Write a list of two or three of your special skills you are crystal clear and can immediately apply them to your unfair advantage. 

  1. Write a list of your talents.  Remember that you may discover some of your talents later in your life. 

  1. Write down 2 or 3 of the things that you are super knowledgeable about that most people are not.   

  1. Write down 2 or 3 specific things about your character that are an unfair advantage. 

  1. Write down 2 or 4 connections that are very important to you and where you're going in the next 5 years. 


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